“I have fallen down the rabbit hole. I love merge game events but I’m skipping two this weekend to explore my most favorite toy, ever! I see that in the design of your game, I don’t recognize the feeling I’m experiencing, because it is rare. It comes from a sense that a wise, benevolent stranger cares about me –and friends I hold dear– and has given us a wonderful gift. I have a sense of wonder and rapture I had when I played my first merge games. I’m astonished I can re-experience that after thousands of hours of play. Your game is beautifully made. Congratulations! “


*Original Player Testimonial

Do you have what it takes? Download and install Merge Adventure today and become the hero of the Realm!

Merge Adventure Gameplay

  • Merge Items, objects, and creatures to discover larger and more powerful versions of themselves!
  • Complete Levels to grow your Realm!
  • Heal the Realm and lift the clouds to uncover and grow your world!
  • Use your power to tame Mythical Creatures and make them work for you!
  • Unlock the awesome force of the Ancient Gods!
  • Set your strategy and manage your resources, energy and power to enlarge your domain!

Merge Adventure Features

Drag-Match and Merge Everything
Drag items and beings anywhere on the map, match three or more and transform them into an advanced version of themselves! Numerous combinations are possible and the sky is the limit!

Beat Levels and solve Puzzles!
Numerous levels filled with missions and rewards you can use to increase your holdings! Advance on your journey by completing and solving each challenge! Play them over and over to improve your score!

Tame Mythical Creatures and Harvest!
Tame mythical creatures Wyverns, Hydras, Unicorns, Pegasus, Dragons, Minotaurs, Manticores, Phoenix, Ferries, Mermaids, and many others and make them work for you collecting resources!

Build your Realm!
Build your base, manage your resources to clear the cloud cover and expand your holdings!

More Features

Heal the Land!
Use your powers to lift the curse of the Gods to heal the land!

Discover Items!
Discover and collect hundreds of objects and plants as you populate your world and bring it to life!

Collect and Manage Resources!
Hoard coins, gems, stone and energy and use them wisely to grow your power and build your Realm!

Earn Rewards!
Collect awesome rewards on your travels to help you along with your mission!

Use the Power of the Gods!
Unlock the mighty force of the Ancient Gods, like Zeus, Thor, Aphrodite and others!

Refine your Strategy
Set your strategy and manage your resources, energy and power to enlarge your domain and build your empire!

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